Healthy Happy Employees = Productive Successful Workforce

Employee wellness is a fast growing topic, and it is frankly borderline trendy in the world of business. However, unlike most new approaches to people management this is not a fad (at least it shouldn’t be treated like one).


Stephen Covey, author/ businessman and keynote speaker, once said “treat your employees the way you would want them to treat your best customers”. Without your employees you have no workforce. Richard Branson famously said “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients” and we are inclined to agree. To that end we have developed Pronto, for all your employees’ wellbeing needs. We provide a healthcare hub that provides your staff with everything from an online GP service, to a counselling service, access to personal trainers, and dietitians to keep everyone healthy.


The health and happiness of employees is one of the most important things to take into consideration as a manager and or business owner. There is an undeniable link between your mind and body, and in order for your business to succeed you need your employees to be in good health and firing on all cylinders.


Giving your employees access to a healthcare and wellness system is a great way of keeping them going. These systems provide your workforce with the right tools and personnel to help them overcome any mental or physical health issues they may have. As well as having happier employees, profits increase with the financial benefits of a reduction in employee absenteeism.


There is a rise in the businesses awareness of employee health and wellness with Johnson and Johnson winning “Britain’s Healthiest Company 2015”, and companies with notoriously long and pressurised working hours such as investment banks announcing changes to their weekend working policies. There are still walls to break down within corporates across the world. Many are sticking to the old and potentially dangerous working culture, giving rise to high levels of employee stress and absence. Employee absenteeism puts a financial strain on businesses, and a strain on the working relationships within any team. Having a wellness and health programme in place, not only helps prevent the sick days but also supports the employees returning to work, greatly reducing absenteeism and improving employee welfare.